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Key Rings

                              We Can Make Key Rings To Your Specifics.

                             (Company Logos, Cattle Brands, Names, Lodge Numbers, Etc.)

The purpose of this section is to help our customers understand the language used to discuss custom key ring orders. When discussing a key ring, terms mentioned below reference the specific areas of the key ring layout.


Rope Area -  Point 1. - Outer edge of key ring. (It can be with or without rope.)

Banner Area - Point 2. - Circular ban from rope towards center. Top and Bottom areas can be personalized.

Center Area - Point 3. - Area from inner banner edge to main part of center area. This can be made with a wiggled look, hammered look, or smooth look.

Key Ring Mark Up_edited.jpg

With rope edge and wiggled center background.

With rope edge and a
hammered center background.

KeyRing #49 - Food Service #49 - Silver

With no rope and a wiggled center background.

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