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Become A Patron

The Texas Prison Museum is a non-profit corporation and receives no funds from the Texas State government. Your support of the museum is criticalin helping us continue to collect and preserve the history of the Texas prison system. If you believe in our purpose, and care about our goals, please support the museum in whatever way you can:

Items of Historical Significance

Donations of historical items is what makes the museum the interesting place it is today. Your donations will serve to enhance the story of the history of our prison system. Any artifacts or pictures will be greatly appreciated. If you have pictures from the past but want to keep possession of them, we can scan them and hand the original back to you, all in a matter of minutes. Please consider sharing what you have for the rest of those interested in the Texas prison history.

Make A Donation

Donations of money are always welcome. Remember, because the Texas Prison Museum is a non-profit organization all donations are tax deductible.

The Texas Prison Museum gladly accepts philanthropic and monetary donations. The Museum has 501(c)3 status which means all donations are treated as charitable donations by the IRS.


The Texas Prison Museum accepts donations of objects, documents and photographs used or related to the Texas Prison System or any person or event that directly relates to its rich history.

We accept:

  • Guard uniforms and/or equipment

  • Badges

  • Weapons

  • SORT gear

  • Riot gear

  • Inmate clothes

  • Inmate art

  • Inmate contraband

  • Items belonging or related to famous inmates or prison officials

  • Items that relate to famous events in Texas prison history

  • Photographs relating to TDCJ

  • Documents relating to TDCJ

  • Etc.


All donated objects, documents and photographs are cataloged and accessioned into our collection, where they will be properly cared for, preserved, stored and exhibited as needed. Any non-exhibited items will be made available for historians, researchers, writers, or criminal justice enthusiasts upon request.

Purchase A Paving Stone

Order a personalized engraved brick paver for as little as $40 and become a permanent part of the site of the Texas Prison Museum.

1998 marked the 150th Anniversary of the Texas Prison System

In commemoration of the milestone and in honor of the men and women who have valiantly served the State of Texas, a Plaza and Statue were erected in Huntsville on September 11, 1998.

The Plaza is located off I-45 next to the Texas Prison Museum, where artifacts are proudly preserved and displayed.

You, your friends and loved ones can be a permanent part of the Plaza and Texas History by ordering an engraved brick paver to be placed around the statue. 

In addition to the engraved paver, each participant will receive a certificate proclaiming their official participation and contribution to the Texas Prison Museum & Monument Plaza.

Paver Image.jpg
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