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Gift Shop

Welcome to the Texas Prison Museum Gift Shop, where most of our unique products are handcrafted by the skilled inmate population of the
Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

We are now able to receive orders submitted online for items we maintain in stock. Please feel free to shop our inventory and fill your cart. 

For a specialized custom order(s) such as having your name, a lodge, a cattle brand, a company logo, etc. tooled on an item, you may contact Riley Tilley at (936) 295-2155
or you may send Riley an email at the below link. 

(As a FYI, custom orders typically require a
four-week delivery time for metal products and two weeks for leather products from date of phone order or email.)

Please note, any items you may wish to have custom made for a Christmas gift, that request must be submitted by October 1, 2024 to possibly having these 
delivered in time for Christmas

Notice: For purposes of clarity for items being purchased, the words used to describe a product, Gold and Silver, are references to hues/colors only. They are not precious metals!


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