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The purpose of this section is to help our customers understand the language used to discuss custom made Ranger Buckle Sets and Ranger belts. When discussing a Ranger belt, terms mentioned below reference the specific areas of the Ranger belt and or Ranger buckle.

Buckle Head Point 1. - This is the main part of the Ranger Buckle. (It can be with or without rope or beveled.)

Buckle Emblem Area - Point 2. - This is the area an added design/badge/logo can be placed.

Keepers - Point 3. - This part of the Buckle Set is designed to secure the leather billet (Point 5) which is fed through the keepers. Keepers can be customized with brands, alpha characters of initials, stars, shape of Texas or other logos.

Tip - Point 4. - This part is known as the tip. It affixes to the end of the billet (Point 5). Tips can be customized with brands, initials, star, shape of Texas or other logos.

Billet - Point 5. - This is the leather part of the Ranger belt that feeds through the Buckle Head (Point 1) and Keepers (Point 3). Billet sizes can be made in widths of 3/4 inch, 1 inch and 1 1/4 inches. Most billets have five holes however a customer can choose to have up to seven holes.

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